What is the easiest way to catch a chicken without chasing them around?

It’s really enjoyable to watch people running around trying to catch a chicken!

Knowing how to catch a chicken is a very important skill to master. Sometimes chickens can get loose and you will need to catch them. You might also need to catch them to clip their wings or to inspect them for parasites or other problems.

On Self Sufficient Me website, Mark Valencia shared 15 effective ways to catch a chicken:

  1. Chase it down


  1. Duck neck or shepherds hook wire method

This is less gentle, but it is effective. Try hooking the chicken by the leg and pulling her toward you.


  1. Fishing net


  1. Lure & grab

This video covers 2 ways to catch a chicken (1) lure & grab, and (2) trap it in a corner:


  1. Corner/channeling

This method already covered in the above video under ‘lure & grab’.


  1. Training:

Train your chickens to be calm:


Train your chickens to come to you when called:


  1. Pen reduction

This is similar to the above cornering/channeling method except that you install a ‘temporary wall divider’ inside the pen using plastic trellis or fencing mesh. When it’s required, simply unroll the trellis/mesh across the pen, thus cutting down the size of the pen area so the chickens are easier to grab. When not in use, just roll it up and tie it.


  1. Night–time

Chickens do not have a taste for the nightlife. So the easiest way to catch a chicken is to pick it off its perch at night. Moreover, they don’t see well in the dark.


  1. Human Pack hunt


  1. Endurance race (The Rocky Way)


  1. Hypnotize (The catch with this method here is that FIRST we must catch the chicken!)


  1. Trap


  1. Nesting


  1. Chicken–friendly dog

Also, watch How to Train Your Dog Around Chickens

But it can be the other way around, too:


  1. Long–wait

Generally speaking, if there is no immediate danger, and with a little patience, your escaped chickens will return to their hen house on their own, once dusk comes as long as you keep them in there for several weeks, so they know that’s where they belong.

Further reading: Why chickens disappear?


Here are some additional methods to add to the list:

  1. Sing a song

It’s an unusual way, but it certainly appears to work.


  1. Use food to lure

Here’s how to get loose chickens back inside their run:


  1. 3 years old style

You know the old saying, where there’s a will, there’s a way. I say where there’s a will, there’s more than one way.


Also, watch:


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