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What are the winter chicken care mistakes I should avoid?

Well, these are some DON’Ts of winter chicken care:  Don’t keep waterers in the coop overnight. It causes moisture and dampness. Moisture inside a cold coop causes frostbite. Moreover, chickens will only be sleeping at night, there is no need to put water in the coop overnight. Moving the feeders and waterers outside of the coop will help encourage your chickens to come outside during the day. Getting outside and getting exercise and fresh air is important for your chickens. Don’t let your water freeze. Making sure […]

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What about sweaters — do my chickens need sweaters?

Chickens … in sweaters?! I know it sounds bizarre, but, yes, some people put sweaters on their chickens to help keep them warm in the wintertime. And some put them on to prevent injured chickens from getting pecked by the other bully chickens. Admittedly, it’s pretty cute to see these fluffy animals dolled up in tiny sweaters. However, according to The Chicken Chick®, Kathy Shea Mormino, sweaters are a really BAD idea for your hens. She points out that not only do the sweaters interfere with the […]

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