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What are the causes of feather pecking and what can I do to stop feather pecking and cannibalism in my flock?

Severe feather pecking can lead to skin and tissue damage, and cannibalism. No one knows exactly what causes feather pecking and cannibalism, but most likely causes are: Stress Boredom Overcrowding Overheating Excessive light Nutrient deficiencies Insufficient feed or water Inadequate nest boxes Adding birds to your existing flock Failure to remove injured or dead birds in the flock in a timely manner Sometimes you have a chicken who is a bully to everyone Abrupt changes in care management practices or the environment Genetically fast-feathering and slow-feathering chickens […]

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What is pasty butt and how do I take care of it?

If you’re a new chicken owner, you probably have never heard about ‘pasty butt’. Pasty butt, also known as ‘poopy butt’ or ‘pasted vent’ or ‘pasting up’, is a condition where feces sticks and hardens on the chick’s vent. A chick can actually die from pasty butt because it cannot poop. I have read that this can happen during shipping — some say from temperature changes (cold/over–heating), some say from stress, some say due to viral or bacterial infections and improper diet. For whatever reason, it’s advisable […]

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Why your hens stop laying eggs and what you can do about it?

Here is a list of most common reasons why your chickens have stopped laying, along with suggestions for what you can do to get them laying again:   Not Enough Daylight Hens need 14 or more hours of daylight each day to lay well. During late fall and winter, particularly from October through February (in the US), the natural daylight can drop to less than 9 hours a day; your hens would need 5 more hours of daylight to lay eggs. The solution to this is to […]

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