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How to introduce new chickens to my existing flock?

I have read much about the topic of introducing new chickens to an existing flock and there are several schools of thought out there on how to approach this. One is to ‘introduce’ the new chickens during the night while the others are sleeping. When they wake up in the morning they’ll be less aware of new chickens on the premises. Some suggest hang a treat (like a head lettuce) in the chicken coop — just above the reach of the chickens — and that distraction helps […]

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What are the pros and cons of having a rooster?

Pros They protect the flock. Roosters protect their hens from predators, sounding the alarm when threats appear and defend their own distinct territories. They complete the natural order of the flock. In the words of White Oak Pastures: “Roosters allow a more natural pecking order to develop within the flock. A flock with a rooster has a designated alpha. A flock comprised of only hens, however, will see birds jostling for the alpha position and this causes more discontent amongst the layers. Our hens will also feel […]

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