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What time of day do chickens lay their eggs and how long does it take to lay an egg?

Usually in the early morning, but they have been known to lay at other times of the day or night. If you read forums at all, you will see many people who say they got their last egg for the day around 3–5 PM. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours for a hen to lay an egg. It just differs from hen to hen. According to Dr. Jacquie Jacob, a poultry Extension associate at the University of Kentucky, a hen […]

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Do chickens have sex to lay eggs? How do chickens mate?

Chickens actually have sex or mate just like other animals do, but not necessarily to lay eggs. This is because once a hen reaches maturity at about 6 months of age, lighting conditions trigger hormones to start the egg laying cycle. She can lay eggs without mating with a male. Egg laying is spurred by hormones, hormones are triggered by environmental factors. If you remove the environmental triggers, you can stop the egg laying. If you hope to add more chicks to your flock, however, you will […]

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How long do chickens lay eggs?

Chickens usually lay the most eggs in the first 2–3 years of their lives and slow down considerably or stop laying eggs around 4–5 years of age. Commercial egg factories usually cull (remove or kill) hens at 2 years for top egg production. They are ground up and used for pet food. Check out this list of other possible reasons your backyard chickens aren’t laying other than their age.

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