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Can chickens fly over the fence?

Of course, chickens can fly over the fence and they most certainly will. As a matter of fact, your chickens will fly exactly where you don’t want them to. Depending on the breed, a typical chicken could probably easily deal with a fence of about 5–7 ft high. Some lightweight breeds like Hamburg and Leghorn can reach heights of about 10 ft, and many other Mediterranean breeds such as Anconas, Araucanas, Catalanas, Minorcas, Polish, Sumatra, Red Rangers and Appenzeller Spitzhaubens (Swiss breed) are also known for flying. […]

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Can chickens fly?

Yes, your chickens can fly, although they are not very good flyers. They can cover short distances to escape predators or get up into trees to roost. We have learned that chickens can fly. But how far can they fly and for how long? As of 2014, the longest recorded time a chicken has been observed flying continuously is 13 seconds. So, the next question is how far can a chicken fly in 13 seconds? In that 13 second’s flight, the chicken covered 301.5 feet! So, that […]

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How to predator-proof my chicken coop and run?

Protecting your chickens from predators is often a constant battle for chicken keepers. Predators are active both during the day and night, all year long. In the fall, predators get even more aggressive and taking preventative measures is critical. You’ve heard the saying, “The best offense is a good defense” definitely applies to protecting your chickens from predators. Measures you can take to keep your flock safe:   Build a sturdy coop Of course, a sturdy coop isn’t foolproof, but it’s like a Berlin Wall between your […]

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