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How does an egg form inside a hen?

Once a hen is sexually mature at around 16–24 weeks of age, egg starts forming when the yolk forms inside the ovary, travels through the oviduct (more than 2 feet long) by way of the hen’s vagina. If the hen has access to a rooster and has mated with him, the egg will be fertilized while it is in the oviduct. The forming egg rotates as it travels through the oviduct, developing the egg white around the yolk. In the lower part of the oviduct, the egg […]

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Do chickens have sex to lay eggs? How do chickens mate?

Chickens actually have sex or mate just like other animals do, but not necessarily to lay eggs. This is because once a hen reaches maturity at about 6 months of age, lighting conditions trigger hormones to start the egg laying cycle. She can lay eggs without mating with a male. Egg laying is spurred by hormones, hormones are triggered by environmental factors. If you remove the environmental triggers, you can stop the egg laying. If you hope to add more chicks to your flock, however, you will […]

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Do you need a rooster for a hen to lay eggs?

A hen lays eggs irrespective of the presence of a rooster. A rooster is only necessary if you desire fertilized eggs to raise more chickens. In the egg industry, male chicks are culled shortly after birth as there is little to no use for the males. Many people believe that these male chicks go on to the meat industry where they will be raised for food. This is not the case. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an American animal rights organization based in Norfolk, Virginia, estimates […]

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