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How to tell if a baby chick is female or male?

It is fairly easy to differentiate between male and female chickens when they are adults, but not chicks. Baby chicks are pretty much small, cute, fluffy, soft, and indistinguishable, with their boy and girl parts mostly inside their bodies and are thus not visible until they’re four to six weeks old. There are three chick sexing techniques that can help determine the sex of a newly hatched chick:   Vent sexing Vent sexing is the most accurate method. This sexing method involves squeezing the feces out of […]

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How can I distinguish a hen and a roo?

Check out the eXtension’s how to distinguish male and female chickens. As a chicken owner of more than 10 years Rachel Evans (from Quora) gives us a quick rundown of the differences between the two: Roosters: Bigger combs and wattles (the fleshy red bits on the face) Pointier neck and “saddle” feathers Longer tails, often with curved feathers Taller and heavier More upright posture, with bigger spurs Crowing usually means a rooster Hens: Smaller combs and wattles Shorter, rounded neck and saddle feathers Shorter tails Smaller More […]

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