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How to tell if my hen is in lay?

In this video clip, Mike Colley, FAI Farms poultry manager, explains if a hen is in lay. Firstly, he checks the health of the hen by looking at: feather condition across the whole body and the flight feathers — the feathers should be smooth and complete. eyes, nostrils, comb and wattles — the eyes should be open with a sparkle in them, the nostrils should be clean, and when a hen gets close to being ready to lay an egg, their combs will get larger and turn […]

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Why and when do chickens molt and how you can help them?

Molting or moulting (British English) is a natural, periodic process of shedding feathers and regrowing them that all chickens (hens and roosters) go through. Humans do molt, too. We shed hairs and skin cells. A chicken starts dropping feathers in late summer to early fall, but some won’t even start molting until early winter. Molt’s purpose is to supply chickens with fresh, new feathers — the best defense against skin infections, and the cold and precipitation of winter. Chickens molt in a predictable order beginning at the […]

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