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How to correctly clean eggs for incubation?

It’s inevitable that some of your eggs will get dirty at some point and need cleaning. As mentioned in my earlier post about Why didn’t my eggs hatch?, eggshell has a thin outermost coating called the bloom or cuticle that helps keep out bacteria and dust. While the cuticle does provide a great barrier against contaminants, it does not prevent water to penetrate past its shell pores and pose a threat to microbial penetration. However, if the period of contact between egg and water is short, there […]

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Why didn’t my eggs hatch?

Generally, chicken eggs hatch after approximately 21 days of incubation at optimal temperature. If your eggs have not hatched by Day 24, it is safe to assume they will never hatch. There are several common causes why the eggs fail to hatch: Egg quality Remember that a healthy egg can only come from healthy, nourished breeding pairs (of course, you’ll need a rooster to get fertile eggs). What you feed your chickens impacts the eggs they produce. The quality of life you give them is also important. […]

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