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How many chickens are consumed per day?

FAOSTAT, a statistical database on agricultural production worldwide, assessed world broiler meat output for 2011 at 90 million tonnes, with more than 58 billion chickens processed. That’s approximately 159 million chickens eaten each day. The largest producer in that year was the United States (8.7 billion chickens; approximately 17 million tonnes of chicken meat), accounting for nearly a fifth of world chicken meat output, followed by China (8.4 billion chickens; 11.5 million tonnes of chicken meat), and Brazil (5.3 billion chickens; 11.4 million tonnes of chicken meat). […]

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How many chickens are there in the world?

A precise count of the number of chickens and their eggs worldwide is impossible. The leading international farm animal welfare organization Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) cited that there are over 50 billion chickens worldwide. However, Statista, a leading statistical agency based in New York, estimated that in 2016, there were approximately 22.7 billion chickens in the world. In that year, there were approximately 5 billion chickens in China, about 2 billion chickens in Indonesia and 1.97 billion chickens in the United States. According to statistics from […]

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