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Why chickens disappear?

 She’s trying to become a mother and she’s hiding somewhere to lay and hatch her eggs. Without proper training on laying in a specific location, a hen will lay an egg anywhere she feels safe. So, you really need to train your hens to lay eggs in their nest boxes. Additional reading: How to Find Where Your Hen Lays Eggs   She’s been taken by a predator The list of poultry predators is long, but there are some common ones to look out for. Depending where you live, […]

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How to keep my chickens from flying over the fence?

Wing Clipping Many backyard chicken keepers clip their chooks’ wings in order to prevent them from flying away. It’s best to clip only one to throw them off balance. For some they can still fly pretty well even with their wings clipped. The next step is to cover your pen.   Higher Fences Putting some wire fencing or mesh on top of your existing fences should keep your flock from being able to high jump over.   Chicken Coop Run Enclosure Getting a run for your chicken coop […]

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