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How to introduce new chickens to my existing flock?

I have read much about the topic of introducing new chickens to an existing flock and there are several schools of thought out there on how to approach this. One is to ‘introduce’ the new chickens during the night while the others are sleeping. When they wake up in the morning they’ll be less aware of new chickens on the premises. Some suggest hang a treat (like a head lettuce) in the chicken coop — just above the reach of the chickens — and that distraction helps […]

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What hens lay the most eggs?

Some of the best egg layers:  Isa Brown: The hens produce up to a whopping 300–350 eggs per year! Rhode Island Red: The hens lay approximately 250–300 eggs per year. Australorp: The Australian bred Australorp hens lay between 250–300 eggs per year. Leghorn: The hens lay between 280–320 eggs per year. Plymouth Rock: The hens produce between 200–250 eggs per year. Sussex: The hens produce between 200–350 eggs annually. Golden Comet: The hens produce between 250–300 eggs a year.  

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How many different breeds of chickens exist in the world?

According to The Behavioural Biology of Chickens by Christine J. Nicol, there are over 500 breeds worldwide. According to the list of chicken breeds on Wikipedia, there are hundreds of chicken breeds in existence. I doubt you could get a more definitive answer from any single source as there is no central entity that keeps track of all chicken breeds in the world. Currently, the American Poultry Association recognizes around 60 breeds, which are categorized into six classes within a book known as the Standard of Perfection. Check out the […]

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