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How are chickens useful to humans?

Chickens provide us with nourishment through both meat and eggs. Chickens are great for keeping pests under control in your yard. They also eat whatever household food scraps are provided to them, thus minimizing the amount of food waste. Their manure is an excellent fertilizer for your garden plants after being composted down. Chickens also create sources of income for farm families. Chickens make great pets both for kids and adults. Check out my post on Top 6 Benefits To Raise Chickens In Your Backyard Also, watch […]

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Top 6 Benefits To Raise Chickens In Your Backyard

Here’s why having a few chickens in your backyard makes good sense: Admit it, chickens are cute. These cute little birds are full of charm and personality and can be pretty darn smart as well. Building a chicken coop in your backyard is easy, and whether you’re raising chickens for eggs or meat, you’ll find that your new pets will be an endless source of entertainment. Just like people, chickens will develop their own friends, habits and personal quirks. They come in a wide range of different […]

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