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How to predator-proof my chicken coop and run?

Protecting your chickens from predators is often a constant battle for chicken keepers. Predators are active both during the day and night, all year long. In the fall, predators get even more aggressive and taking preventative measures is critical. You’ve heard the saying, “The best offense is a good defense” definitely applies to protecting your chickens from predators. Measures you can take to keep your flock safe:   Build a sturdy coop Of course, a sturdy coop isn’t foolproof, but it’s like a Berlin Wall between your […]

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How many eggs does a chicken lay in a day?

While most hens are known to lay one egg per day from spring to late autumn/early winter; the number of eggs can also depend on breed, age of the hen, whether or not you have lighting in your hen house, quality of life and environment. It takes 26 hours for a hen to make an egg. In the Doomsday Bunker Book: Your Complete Guide to Designing, Surviving and Living in a Concrete Bunker, author Ben Jakob explains that if you’ve got young healthy hens (between 6 months […]

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