Can chickens recognize your face?

Recent science tell us that chickens have great memories and facial recognition skills. They are able to remember and recognize more than 100 different members of its own species, including other animals, humans, places and things, even after months apart. That means that your chickens can recognize you. So, treat them nice, people!

Chickens also have the ability to learn and retain what they’ve learned from past experiences, then recall and apply in future situations. In one study, hens learned that red-colored food was good, while their chicks were given blue-colored food. When the hens saw their chicks eating the wrong color, they began scratching, pecking, and vocalizing to convey the perceived error.

Chickens are also sharp observational learners. In one study, chicks avoided pecking a bitter-tasting substance after observing the responses of other chicks. In another study, untrained hens pecked at colored keys for food after observing a trained hen do the same.

See, I told people they’re smarter than they look! If you have any doubts about it, just watch these videos:

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