Can barley be fed to chickens?

According to Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, yes, chickens can be fed a wide variety of grains and will do well if the grains are fed in a balanced ration. Chicks can be fed wheat, oats or barley. The oats or barley need to be limited to 25% of the starter diet. After six weeks of age, the birds can be fed rations with oats or barley as the whole source of grain, especially if they have been exposed to these grains previously. All poultry can be fed hard red, durum, extra strong or utility wheat. Rye can be introduced after six weeks of age and can comprise up to half of the grain in laying hens’ diets. Rye containing ergot should not be used. Screenings are acceptable for poultry if they contain 75% or more wheat and cracked wheat.

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