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Hi! Nice to meet you 😉 I’m Susie. Welcome to CHICKENDIGEST.COM, an easy-to-digest practical guide for new chicken lovers.

I am so delighted to share all the information I have learned on how to raise chickens. My goal is to offer useful chicken care and management information in a digestible format, as well as resources that makes it accessible to others with a shared passion for pet chickens and caring for them responsibly.

Okay, I am not a guru. I don’t know everything. I am learning just like you are, and sharing what I’ve learned with you. I try to keep my articles below 700 words or so, in bite-sized pieces that’s digestible for people to read, yet packed with wisdom because I don’t like to read 5000-word articles and I’m sure you don’t, either.

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CHICKENDIGEST.COM is, well … young chick! Please visit often as I continue to grow my site with new tips, tricks, products and resources.

I am very glad you stopped by and I hope you learn something and teach me something in return, too.

Happy Chickening!


Founder & mother hen of CHICKENDIGEST.COM