Why chickens disappear?

 She’s trying to become a mother and she’s hiding somewhere to lay and hatch her eggs. Without proper training […]


Chicken Coop Plans

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How to predator-proof my chicken coop and run?

Protecting your chickens from predators is often a constant battle for chicken keepers. Predators are active both during the day and night, all year long. In the fall, predators get even more aggressive and taking preventative measures is critical. You’ve heard the saying, “The best offense is a good defense” definitely applies to protecting your chickens from predators. Measures you can take to keep your flock safe:   Build a sturdy coop Of course, a sturdy coop isn’t foolproof, but it’s like a Berlin Wall between your […]

Tips On Building Chicken Coops And Runs

When you’re planning your new backyard chicken coop, remember that you’re building a home for your flock and the more comfortable they feel, the more productive your chickens will be. Have a solid plan before you begin and try to take into account all of the things your hens will need to be happy and healthy. Chickens can be quite picky about their homes. A Fixed or Mobile Chicken Coop? The first decision you will need to make is whether you want a fixed coop or a […]

Top 6 Benefits To Raise Chickens In Your Backyard

Here’s why having a few chickens in your backyard makes good sense: Admit it, chickens are cute. These cute little birds are full of charm and personality and can be pretty darn smart as well. Building a chicken coop in your backyard is easy, and whether you’re raising chickens for eggs or meat, you’ll find that your new pets will be an endless source of entertainment. Just like people, chickens will develop their own friends, habits and personal quirks. They come in a wide range of different […]